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firegear Gas Logs 

Enjoy gas logs that look and burn like they came straight from the forest, all while using less gas and adding warmth to any room.

Revolution CD
Taller, brighter flames from a burner system that is 99.9% fuel efficient? It didn’t add up – until now.

It’s the classic trade-off. If you want more flame, you have to burn more fuel. If you want
to save energy, you have to put up with lower performance.

SRW Technology, found exclusively in the Revolution Burner System, has changed all that. This technology produces taller, brighter, dancing flames, while maintaining an astounding 99.9% efficiency rating by dispersing fuel more evenly through the burner unit.

The Revolution Burner System is also more compact than conventional systems, allowing the controls to be hidden and leaving more room for a larger log set. Its low profile also means that the log set sits lower in the fireplace – a realistic look that is enhanced by a glowing bed of embers.

When you add it up, the beauty, simplicity and reliability of the Revolution Burner System make log set selection an easy problem to solve.

  • The Complete Package - Logs, Burner and Remote Control packaged with your burner system
  • Energy efficient low Btu output - big flames without big heating costs. 
    • 24,000 BTU - Liquid Propane
    • 29,000 BTU - Natural Gas
  • Invisible burner design - hidden controls
  • Looks great on and off - your gas logs will be off more than on...they have to look great all the time.
  • Revolutionary dancing flames - SRW technology gives the Revolution the most realistic ember bed and dancing flames of any gas log
  • Tested and Safe - Each Revolution Burner System is 100% factory leak tested and burned. The system features an oxygen depletion sensor designed to shut off well before room oxygen levels drop to unsafe levels.
  • Pilot Safety Shutdown - Revolution features a thermo-electric system that delivers a positive and fast shut down if the pilot flame ever goes out.
  • Dual Tested and Design Certified by UL - This appliance has been tested and complies with the most current, ANSI Z.21.11.2 (2002), Standard for Gas-Fired Unvented Room Heaters, & ANSI Z21.60 (2003) and CAN/CGA 2.23 (2003), Standards for Decorative Gas Appliances For Installation In Solid-Fuel Burning Fireplaces, including NOx testing.

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